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There are times in life when all that we seek is the solution to the problems of this world and this is why you need to listen to this podcast from time to time, in each episode is the solution that you need to overcome the challenges of life.

Jesus loves you


First, you must care about others

“Love cares more for others than for self.” 1Co 13:5 MSG When you focus on what you have to offer instead of the needs of others, they discern it and quickly lose interest. Even in an endeavor as noble as sharing your faith, you can become so engrossed in your presentation and in “getting results”…More

Signs of the times

“He who was seated on the throne said, ‘I am making everything new!’” Rev 21:5 NIV It’s said that the Titanic sank because of cheap rivets and poor planning. Faced with a shortage of quality bolts, the shipbuilders used substandard ones that popped when the ship hit the iceberg. So, how sturdy are the bolts…More

Set your mind

“Set your minds on things above.” Col 3:2 NIV Setting your mind is similar to setting a thermostat; it determines the climate you live in. So, set your mind on God’s Word! Instead of trying to stop thinking wrong thoughts—which immediately brings to mind the very thoughts you’re supposed to stop thinking—fill your mind with…More

Meet the host.

Derock Odima-Peters

I believe that God has an assignment for everyone on earth and that’s why we cannot afford to fail Him. God has released His grace upon me in this end-time to make known his purpose to those who are willing to receive.

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